Rallyesim regulation




No one is supposed to ignore the regulations.

This regulation will be deemed to have been read and approved, then a person will start to a formal session's rally. A formal session is an event counting towards one or other of the championships organized by Rallyesim .

All participants will be held responsible for having read of this regulation.


RScenter, RSRBR and the Rallyesim site, are the property of the ASSOCIATION RALLYESIM .


Any person who wants to use one of the programs, or space is the property of the ASSOCIATION RALLYESIM for a different purpose from those listed in this regulation, can and should make the request from one of his Administrators .



Rallyesim products, are, and will remain completely free, as long as the ASSOCIATION RALLYESIM will be able to meet its own needs thanks to donations from the members of this association. For more information on the operation or the membership in this association, Please contact a member of the bureau. However, membership in this association is not required to make a donation, and thus participate in the survival of the Championships or site Rallyesim.


Richard Burns Rally accompanied by the RSRBR mod is a game demanding in terms of resources for computers, and graphic quality for graphics cards. Rallyesim cannot be held responsible for problems related to insufficient resources that can cause a corrupt operation. Laptops are often limited in scalability, it is recommended to inquire about minimum system requirements





Reading of the regulations


We strongly recommend to carefully read the regulations before enrolling at the Championships.

You will get idea of how organized the rallies throughout the year, and so you can make the most appropriate choices depending on your goals.


The year 2013 is a year for Rallyesim and RSRBR.

The new RSRBR2013 album brings closer us even more reality, thanks to the development designed by PapyJim. New sensations for more realisms.


To stay even closer to reality, arrives the Championship of Europe ERC, FIA ASIA PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIP RALLY (APRC) 2013, as well as new cars, R1, R2, R4 and RRC categories.


The passion for our rally simulation WINS field, with the appearance of new national championships, allowing a choice and career objectives in a larger number of drivers:


-      German Championship

-      Brazilian championship

-      Bulgarian Championship

-      Croatian Championship

-      Polish championship

-      Portuguese Championship

-      Russian Championship



All of these national championships are organized by local representatives, under the tutelage of Rallyesim administration, which supports collations that result.

The bulk of the championships organized by the FIA (Federation Internationale Automobile), and the FFSA (French Federation of motor Sport) will be taken up and adapted to close to reality and opportunities of volunteer developers, to provide even more immersion and various sensations.






·       2.1 - General registration


The Championships registration is done by simple free subscription to account RSRBRlive 2013 (site dedicated to RALLYESIMChampionships). The names and numbers of the drivers will not be changed after subscription. Registration will be from RScenter, program network dedicated to Rallyesim Championships and will be validated by confirmation from an e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration. If the activation of the account would not work, it will be considered upon request from Papy Jim, responsible for accounts drivers, delegated by the, administration on dedicated subject to the registration problems .


·       2.2 - Validation of entries


Someone with the video game "Richard Burns Rally" in PC version and latest versions RSRBR and RScenter required (mandatory) may participate in the 2013 Championships offered by RALLYESIM.

You will be asked a pseudonym (preferably the same as the Forum RALLYESIM), a pilot number, a password, a country of belonging, and a valid Email address.


The purchase of multiple accounts by the same person is prohibited.

The substitution of one account by someone other than its original creator also.

Any attempt to misuse of multiple accounts by the same person will be punished.


The choice of your car can be done later by editing this profile from the site RSRBRlive 2013 .

Entries are free throughout the season.


·       2.3 - Forum     


A forum dedicated to the life around RSRBR and its Championships is available.

It is advisable to register, and to go to regularly view communicated any information particularly about the Organization of these Championships and the life of the teams and stables.

You will also find the developments of RSRBR, that they are required to install, or optional. Any installation earlier than required by the Championships will be denied entry into the formal sessions.


·       2.4 - Specific entries


Specific to a Championship registration is done by simple choice of a car dedicated to this Championship.

'Ll need you to edit your driver profile, make a choice of car for the Championship chosen among those proposed, then validate your choice by accepting the change of profile. The proposed cars will be those authorized by each specific regulation of the Championship said.

The choice of the car dedicated to a Championship remains free and unlimited as long as 1era this Championship event has not started. You will find more information about the possibilities of change of cars on each of the specific regulations.

These specific rules are available from this page, in French, English, and other languages for some Championships. Here you will find all necessary information for each Championship and the specifics that will make it unique and different Championships each other.





Is called Championship, a set of tests that are part of the same competition. All rankings of the Championship events, gives rise to a general classification of the Championship said.


·       3.1 - Commitments to the tests


·        No mode of commitment on no test is required. The simple choice of a car for the Championship concerned enough to participate in this Championship event.


·        Any participation in a test, just to be included in various rankings of the event and the Championship.


·       3.2 - Stalls


Foolproof started should be completed, and a few are events that will disrupt its smooth running. Leave an event started, will be synonymous with abandon (DNF).

It is not possible to start or resume a test previously left before his term.

The only case considered for a rally, WINS or the driver has not completed any meter on the 1er timed sector (0% progress). If an abandoned test, for any reason, is more available in the formal sessions, it will be counted as abandonment.

For all other cases, initial contact is still possible on the forum, in part:

 "Championships 2013" / specific Championship / subject of the rally concerned.



·       4.1- Respect for others


Any person registered shall comply with the basic rules of courtesy and kindness. It must not be abusive and aggressive actions and words. Sanctions will be taken if these legitimate rules of conduct were to be violated. The administration will meet and decide the sanctions according to the gravity of the acts. The sanctions may be a simple warning, exclusion to one or several weeks of tests, or the permanent banishment of RALLYESIM and/or Championships.


It is recalled that these Championships are organized by volunteers, and that as a result, no inappropriate conduct will be tolerated.


·       4.2 - Behavior "rallystique".


RALLYESIM Championships are meant to be virtual rally competitions. It is, therefore, asked the participants to adopt a behavior of driver rally, and not "pilot kamikaze" willing to do anything to reach the arrival to the more quickly.

Regular checks will be organised in order to restore order and the smooth running of the Championships.

Any participant not complying to requests that will be made each week on this public page, takes the risk of severely sanctioned, even of not being able to continue his season. An Email will also be sent to the address provided in the registration form RSRBRlive2013.




The cuts of turns are prohibited. Be sure to always have at least one wheel on the track.

All recognized voluntary cuts by Commissioner college will be punished of a cancellation.

·       4.3 – Car RSRBR settings


·        Each this car in RSRBR has its own "physics". Some organs such as differential pairs, anti-roll bars and tables can be limited, see locked. These locks can be different according to the mods and used cars. Be sure to not bypass those blocks. To be accomplished, the safest is to regulate a car from the default settings imposed by each mod and each car.


·        However be sure to be careful during each " update " required (mandatory). A notification on the content appears when it is installed, cautioning on physics have suffered modifications. In this case, it is strongly recommended not to use settings (setups) previously established, because they could become fraudulent, and lead to unpleasant situations in the case of control.


·       5.1- Updates


Each participant is responsible for its installation.

Updates are regularly available for download. They can regulate operating problems, add new cars, new special, necessary for the proper functioning of your installation.


Failure to follow these updates is the responsibility of each.

The incidents in session, independent of RSRBR and/or RScenter will not be taken into account.


A computer becomes a virtual car, and each driver is responsible for his mount.

Will be considered as mandatory, an update called " update ". It will change the version of your installation. The version of each installation will be detected at the entrance of the sessions. If this version is earlier than required, the session implementation will be impossible.


·       5.2- Addon


The addons are optional, but nevertheless important according to their content. It is therefore recommended to follow their official and consider whether it is necessary to install, depending on whether the failures that they correct you appeared. These addons will be available on the forum .

The administration will arrange to prevent these addons or patches. It is the duty of each keep it informed.

In any case the administration cannot be held responsible for problems for which a addon or patch will be set up in advance.


·       5.3- Troubleshooter


A Troubleshooter is intended to detect any abnormalities in your installation, vital or benign. This utility is not included with RSRBRor with the updates.

It will help to target the problem and will give administrators information to assist you in addressing these problems. It can detect errors in RSRBR, but on the general operation of your computer and its operating system. Execution of this program automatically will direct you to its own update, if the version installed on your computer is not the last.

A troubleshooting utility must be aligned with the RSRBRversion, otherwise it will not work and will direct you to an update of this utility.


6. Calendar & ROADBOOKS

·       6.1 - Global calendar


A general timetable is available. It will guide you on the program of the season, taking all of the calendars of all championships organized by RALLYESIM. This calendar may be incomplete at the beginning of the season, pending some actual calendars.



6.2 - Roadbooks


A roadbook is the roadmap dedicated to a rally. It gives the following information:


·        Week during which a rally will take place.

·        Championship for which the rally will be performed.

·        Adjoining subleagues.

·        Mods travelled.

·        Special buckles, service parks...

·        The weather won't show in the roadbooks or on the forum. It will be available to the activation of the sessions is the Sunday night before the running of the rally by clicking on active sessions.


·       6.3 - Dissemination of the roadbooks


The roadbooks are available a few days or weeks before each rally.

This deadline is set by each specific regulation, according to the importance of the competition with regard to the calendar.

You will find these roadbooks on the page " live sessions " RSRBRlive 2013.

They will be announced in the same time frame, a week in advance the Forum in a new topic in the specific part of the Championship concerned.



Are called " formal sessions " (live sessions), the sessions being part of one or other of the Championships.



·       7.1 List of the official sessions


You will find each week on the page " live sessions " all rallies planned for the current week. By clicking on a rally, or a day (leg) rally, details out (road book) you will be provided. It is also the only place apart from RScenterthat can offer information about the weather for the rally.



·       8.1 Enter a session's rally


A rally is accessed from RScenter.

In the interface, you have the choice between several buttons:


·        « Alone / Solo»

·          as its name suggests lets you choose a car, a special, weather, surface... etc., and play alone and for fun.

·        « Public »

·          allows you access to rallies organized by the users of RSRBR, rally created from RSRBR Live.

·        « Championship / Championships »

·          to participate in the different events organized by RALLYESIM and in connection with the Championships.




To see the list of official sessions you did not yet click on " start a rally online . ».

Make your choice of session, and then "enter".


Enter will be irreversible


At the entrance of an official rally car dedicated to the Championship is then automatically loaded. Unable to start with one car other than those laid down in your driver profile.

A choice can be proposed, if the Championship allows you (WRC, Cup of France of the asphalt rallies)






8.2 Starting the rally


·        The entry in a session usually requires a time setting of your computer in step with that of the game server. Accept this update that will have no influence on the Organization of your computer. The game server is indexed on a high-quality web clock.


·        At your entrance in the session, a countdown will appear, approaching more or less 5 minutes and a grey button (inactive)) indicating "standby". Be sure to make your choice of tires for the special loop that will be initiated.

·        As soon as the count has elapsed, this button is no longer grayed out (active) indicating "GO". "GO" is accompanied by a sound signal "blinggg" you announcing the departure may be given 10 seconds later, reported by a second "blinggg". You will then have one minute to click on GO > the 1 specialera will be so loaded in the conditions given by the road book. And your choice of tires blocked for the whole of the loop.


·        Once the "GO" activated by your care, the special will be loaded. You will have access to the RBR classic menu, allowing you to load or create your tuning car.

·        Then the special run.


·        It can happen that you're ejected for various reasons.

A few seconds after the start of the first task of each leg (a few tens of metres), a test is done with the server to validate your participation in the event.

-      If this test is successful, you will continue your rally without hassle and will more be allowed to restart this leg in case of problem, no matter the reason.


-      If this test fails, RSCenter will exit and display a message giving the procedure « restart code ". ».

When you see this message, you should note this code. Then restart the session.

If the leg is not displayed in the choice of the sessions so the driver can go to the "Restart Code" page accessible from the menu "Official sessions" Live RallyeSim site.



You choose the rally that you want to resume and enter the "Restart code", and then take a fresh start.

If you haven't noticed the restart code when the message RSCenter is displayed, you can find this restart code in a file on behalf of the session, in the "\Restart_Code" of your RBR installation directory.


If all goes well and nothing disturbs your race, you will be prompted at the end of each route timed, save the replay of this course. This option is not one.


Registration is required for each route (Special)


You will then be back on the RScenter interface with again a countdown for the start of the next special.

This count will become random, since the departure may be anticipated as desired, but never moved beyond the initially programmed by RScenter.





·        Name your replay files correctly in order to be able to identify them among reruns of other rallies. Simply rename a file after the fact alters the original date of creation, and can play in your disadvantage if you wear claim later. The date of registration of a file is an important information.


·        Example record: you make the rally the Var 10 on 2 legs.


·     Save your replay as follows: ES1 / 'name of the rally' / LEG No. / ESS No.

The number of characters is limited by RBR. Be specific, short, but organized.


·        Frequently empty your folder of repeats. Can interfere with future recordings. Keep its files out of the folder "Replays" of the game.


·        It is recommended to leave a rest period to your computer hardware. RBR is computationally expensive, primarily for graphics cards. Follow the special no waiting time can be harmful to the good running of a rally demanding.



If the 1 specialera was not part of a loop of several special, the choice of tyres will be possible.

Otherwise, it would be the next service Park > tire strategy.

·        The launch of each task will be done in the same way until the last.

·        In the case of a rally taking place on several days, you can follow the days if you want, smoothing by the button " start a rally online . ».

·       8.3 - Damage level


In 2013, many Championships will use the damage " Realistics " > see specific regulations of each Championship. RSRBR does not have consistent damage, but be aware that if damage you your car, This is necessarily because a steering fault was made originally.

·       8.4 - Cumulative damage


The damage report will be active on most of the Championships.


·              8.4.1 - The report of the damage in a few words


Some damage will be not be repaired with assistance as requiring an unacceptably long response time in the real world. On this principle will not repaired:


·        Front - Central - rear differential

·        Hydraulic system

·        Electrical circuit


In the following leg, damage will be repaired.


For the engine damage that you suffer without hitting anything : you are reminded, that the intensive use of the brake continuously brings a forcing of the engine that will rise in temperature, and that will eventually get out of the race.



In the case of damage without abandonment of the special, several options will be available to you in RScenter :


·        Continue the rally without repairing > " GO ". »

·        Continue repairing and agreeing not to roll the special next > " Car repair ." This option will make you jump (skipped) the special next, giving you automatically a fixed time set by each specific regulation. It will be generally calculated on the following basis: fastest time made by a pilot of your category* + 3 minutes.

·        In General, flat-rate time is equivalent to the scratch category time 3 minutes. It is not RScenter that calculates this time, but the calculation of the rankings system which cannot take place until the rally finished, or the following Monday. RScenter, he can do better to add a more interim lump sum time or higher at the time of the Special minimum 5 minutes. This flat-rate time will be readjusted during the establishment of the rankings.


In this case, you will automatically skip the Special follows. You can resume the rally that, your overall time taking its normal course + the provisional penalty of "because repair."


*A category is a set of drivers for the most direct classification (class, under Championship... etc.)



·        Example 1 : (special 4 loop).


·          ESS1: Nothing to report > time taken into account.

·          Slfs: Mechanical damage > time taken into account / choice of button “Car repair”.

·          ESS3: "skipped" mandatory with the ESS4 visit > lump sum time on ESS3.

·          ESS4: Nothing to report > time taken into account and a combination of the time.



·        Example 2 : (special 4 loop).


·          ESS1: Nothing to report > time taken into account.

·          Slfs: Mechanical damage > time taken into account / choice to continue without repairing.

·          ESS3: Abandonment due to overheating of the motor > lump sum time.

·          ESS4: "skipped" > lump sum time...+ lump sum time on all the remaining in the race day.


Particular point to the WRC Championship: Fixed time will be different for the "all WRC team" ranking calculation.

You are asked to be aware of the specific rules on this subject for this Championship.




·              8.4.2 - Aborting a special > the "super rally" rule


The "Super rally" rule is applied in the races with 2 legs and more abandonment in a special.

Lump-sum time are assigned to each special remaining of the leg after the abandonment.

This rule allows you to resume the rally on the leg with the resumption of the cumulation of the time.


Lump sum time, whatever the Championship (non-WRC), will be the following:

Best time set by a driver of your category* + 3 minutes.


*A category is a set of pilot for the direct classification (class, under Championship... etc.).



·        Example : (special 4 loop).


·            ESS1: nothing to report > time taken into account.

·            Slfs: abandonment > lump sum time.

·            ESS3: time flat car abandoned in the previous (slfs).

·            ESS4: time lump sum because abandonment in slfs.



·        Next day:


·          ESS5: resumption of the rally and accounting of the time... etc...


Note in the event of abandonment of a special, during one loop, (DNF) you can complete the loop only for fun.


·              8.4.3 - Incorrect race time


It can happen that your time on RScenter are wrong, or that (retired, skipped, in progress) status is false.

("In progress" often means that RScenter has detected that you have completed the special).


2 solutions are at your fingertips:


·        1Era is to spontaneously send the time on the server by using the button " send the time on the server " in the "live" RScentertab. A message will confirm the success of this action or notify you that the action has failed. Only last time can be sent. If several special have a wrong status, the cumulation cannot evolve.


·        In the case or the action failed, do leave not the rally. You can send your time by another utility named " Send times " also in the 'live' tab of RScenter at the end of the rally. It is not necessary to operate this button before the end of the last special, since it will look for times in the file 7z rally that register at the end of the rally.



If finally none of these work, there is the possibility of a person in charge of these updates from time on the subject of the rally after sending your 7z by " SendReplays ", by indicating the link to the control file SendReplay you will have contact.


Sanctions against people abusing these requests and did not take the time required for the reading of this Regulation may be taken.

·              8.4.4 - SendTimes


« SendTimes" " is a utility built into RSRBR for update of the time noted as erroneous in session. It is accessible from RScenter.


At the end of the session, and once RScenter closed, you can activate " Send times . You can verify that this utility has properly done its viewing this page .

If not, send the entire race (replays + 7Z + HTML) files using " Send times ", and then tell a load of business on the dedicated Rally Championship RALLYESIM forum topic.


·              8.5 - How to use SendTimes:


1 Click on the designated by the arrow icon.





Opens a window with different choices. Select the one that suits you for example " send time of the task on the server . ».




A confirmation will appear once this will be corrected.



You can also send the time for a full rally in this case click on " Live " and then " Send times .».

5 Select file 7z bearing the name of the rally you want to update. Click on the button " SendTimes to Server ".».




This manipulation can be done only once by rally or race day, and this, during the rally week.


9. Rankings


The rally rankings will be available within 7 days following the end of each event. You will find both the classification of events as adjacent to these trials Championships rankings.

All collations are grouped together on the "Official results" page on RSRBRlive 2013 .


For all the Championships, all points assignments will be as follows:


(Number of runners in the general / number of categories) / 4 = Quota


If the quota is reached, then all points are distributed. Otherwise, the points awarded will be staggered by the number of missing drivers. A category is:

- A subleague
- A group
- A division
- A class
- A challenge

Example: for a type rally France cutting asphalt

Number of runners = 300 / groups = 5 / number of classes = 18
(it does not count the HCV since this is a Championship a little on the side. It does not count for the general of the Cup and has its own array of points)

For Group points: 300 / 5 / 4 = 15 > not really a concern since the Group rewards 5 drivers
For class points: 300 / 18 / 4 = 4.16 5 > > not really a concern since the class 5 drivers also rewards

Another example > ASAF > 40 drivers are rewarded by category

Number of runners = 300 / division number = 5 (1, 2, 3, 4 and PH) / number of classes = 18

For the division points: 300 / 5 / 4 = 15.
If more than 15 runners in a division, then 1 will collect points from 1, or 50 pts
If 14 runners, theer will collect points 2nd, or 45 points, whilethe 14th will collect issues 15thor 26 pts.

For class points: 300 / 18 / 4 = 4.16 5
If more than 5 runners in a division, then 1 will collect points from 1, or 50 pts
If 3 runners, theer will collect points 3RD, or 41 points, whilethe 3rd will collect the points of the 5th, or 36 points.


9.1 - Career ranking


It will allow each driver to select 100 rally in the season in order to increment a specific collation.

The aim was to handle the career to be included in the classification of the same name, on a number of equal rally for each driver.


100 rallies for the year, represent slightly less than one-third of all of the rallies organized by Rallyesim on the year.

These rallies are to select the previous Sunday at the latest a week of racing, and for the week commencing the following Monday. It will be possible to anticipate these selections at will, and change them. The only which may be modified, are that of the current week. The weather being public on RScenter, and on the page of the official sessions, it will be unable to target its selections in knowledge of the weather.


Annually, the quota has been fixed to allow purchasers of accounts of mid-season to play their card career despite the delay. Check a rally and succeed, will be the guarantee of a good career management.




To select your " rallies career ", it is here that that takes place



A specific career ranking will be available for each Championship, thus classifying drivers careerist of the Championship said.


At the end of the year 2013, the winner of the career classification should be titrated and will be assigned the No. 1 for the championship season 2014.


Important developments

In order to highlight different collations "career", all titles of general classification, classes, groups, trophies... etc..., will be awarded according to the only career category ranking, and not more on results from all the tests performed on a same Championship.


9.2 - Ranking stables

The stables also have their classification. It will accumulate all of the points of the drivers of each team.

As in 2012 each driver will be able to count a rally a week for its team.

The mode of selection will be the same as for careers.

Last time, on Sunday before the race, but an organisation within the stables will be required, as each event will not count to 3 drivers. If more drivers to choose the same rally in a week, only the top 3 point scorers will be retained. The surplus pilots will be able to ride, but they fight internally in their respective stables, getting more points than their teammates.


To select your "rallies Stables", it is here that that takes place

Whether for rallies checked for career or stable, the simple check blocks car you MUST roll, not by choice, but because it is the only car that will be automatically loaded entry into session, even if you change your garage after making the selection of the rally

9.3 - RALLYESIM classification


This ranking will take into account all of the rallies organized by RALLYESIM. Each rally you make will go to add points. Points taken into account will be based on the same calculation as the career points.




9.4 - Scoring "Stables" / "Career" / «Rallyesim»


The scoring system will be the same for "Stables", "Career" and « Rallyesim » rankings».


·        Classification "stables".

·          Within the limit of 3 pilots, by stable and rally (points 3 riders of each team will be selected if the number of selections is greater than 3 for the same team).

·        Classification "career".

·          If the rally is selected in advance.

·        Classification "Rallyesim".

·          All accrued rallies.


·        Some few drivers championships reward, which is why the administration Rallyesim increases the number of points awarded for drivers Rallyesim, career and stables. The number of awards is determined according to a scale which includes the 2013 championships held different points.
leaflet detailing the calculation of points of the scale.


·        Some few drivers championships reward, which is why the administration Rallyesim increases the number of points awarded for drivers Rallyesim, career and stables. The number of awards is determined according to a scale which includes the 2013 championships held different points.
A leaflet detailing the calculation of points of the scale.

Career points and stables, will be calculated after reclassification of each actual ranking.
These reclassifications do not take into account that the rally drivers who checked for any specific rankings (career and / or stables).
Points fastest scratch by special will be awarded for each championship and will be valid for rankings "Rallyesim", "career" and "Stables"


·                  3 points for the best time of any special mistaken.

·                  2 points at the best time for each group.

·                  1 point at the best time of each class.


·                  These three awards are not cumulative, only the largest is selected:


·         General

·    Group

·        Class

It is quite possible to select a rally for his team and his career.

9.4.1 - Participation Points


Each completed rally will give you points for participation, to reward drivers who will rally the arrivals.

A rally is considered to be completed, if the driver knows not of abandonment in the last loop. If not, there will be no point in participation. These points of interests are attached to 2 with completed rally.

These points will count for career, stables and Rallyesim classification.


 9.5 - Claims


Each driver has the opportunity to object to a ranking within a period of 5 weeks.

To be accomplished, it must post on the subject of the rally which poses problem, in arguing his motion, and by sending a load of business, a control file containing all files of this race by using " SendReplays ". Case loads will do their job control, and adjust the defective classification as soon as possible if sufficient evidence is found to be admissible.

Where a driver finds his time are not correct, the time is shortened to one week following the end of the rally. It is his duty to note these facts in the shortest time.

However, a ranking that requires a variable time to be updated, the administration reserves the right to do as time changes, and do not put the official ranking to date, that when limit checks are done, is 2-3 weeks more later.


9.6 - Controls based on race


After each race, controls are organized. To be accomplished, a list is available in the section "News RSCenter: information" of the RSRBRlive homepage. This ad is called "checks races week...". ». She said for every rally of the previous week, pseudonyms and numbers of drivers who must send their race files for (s) Rally (s) they must do. These controls can be targeted or made at total random.

This sending files should be done by " SendReplays " within the time fixed and visible on the message "Checks races". The sending time is one week. The announcement message appears within 3 or 4 days after the end of the rally. Ideally the next day of the end of the rally. The list is scalable as receptions, the numbers and names of drivers who send their files will be removed from this list.


All files of race should be kept during a minimum period of 5 weeks


This mailing must contain all of the files below, " SendReplays " support to compress all of the files:


·        All files (.rpl) replay of the completed > in the 'Replays' of the game directory folder.

·        (S) file (s) HTML (.html) of the days of racing > in the "My7zfiles" folder in the game directory.

·        7Z (.7z) of race days files > in the "My7zfiles" folder in the game directory.


It will be more accepted of files other than by SendReplays.If for any reason you couldn't make the transmission, please connect to your manager, or anyone else likely to be able to do so on your behalf.


A subsidiary list can be made to request a new shipment of requested in a previous week, this 1er sending files is not complete. It is therefore for each of each new list to ensure rules.



9.6.1 - How to use "SendReplays".


SendReplay" is a software built into RSRBR and RScenter. It is suitable for sending files of controls. You will find since the " RScenter main menu / Live / SendReplays ". ».


·        For its use, just as the .rpl files / .html & .7z are in their places of origin of their recordings. You won't have that check them to send. If all goes well, a control file download link will appear after validation of the software to send .


·        These files must be located in folders such as city, otherwise SendReplays will not be able to detect them, why it is necessary to be rigorous in the registration of the name of your replays to not fool you.



1 Will by default, your username and your number be selected automatically, while a menu you will propose the name of completed rallies.

2 Select the replay files (left column) you must send the file 7z and .html (right column) and click on the button " Send to Server " for compression in a zip file in a 1er time (image on the right) and then sent to the server in a 2nd time (image below).








3 When sending finished (100% on the image at the top), a control file download link will appear after sending by software validation (left image) you can click on it also. This allows you to save the file on your computer, and so to be able to return it if a problem had occurred on RALLYESIM server or simply to keep it and so empty your folder "Replay".






9.7 - Balance sheets based on race


After each end of the control stock of the checks is published on the subject of the rally.


These assessments tell what the Commissioners and directors will have seen during their investigations.


The experience of these controls has led us to name explicitly drivers who reproaches were made, as well as sanctions in the short or medium term. Keep anonymous the punished is found to be unnecessary and no further action, while his pseudonym, see a list of offending drivers directs more naturally "own rolling" and "respect the rules". You can view the information of each driver on the page " RS drivers " RSRBRlive 2012


The release of a year-end review of audit also means that the classification becomes final, the results of the audits are taken into account.


10 - Penalties

10.1 - Additions of penalties:


·        Voluntary cut a corner or PIN with time: + 10 seconds per Cup on the special.


·        Involuntary loss of control cutting: no sanction if exceptional cases > loss of control has remained a case isolated. If it is repeated several times during a special, it is the approach of the race is not good and should be sanctioned.


·        More than 3 cups voluntary and repeated on the same special: flat-rate time on the special.


·        Overall incorrect steering on the set of a rally: abandonment on the race implementation > DNF.


10.2 -Lack of files


·        HTML missing: 10 seconds penalty on last special of the rally.


·        Missing 7z: 20 seconds of penalty on the last special of the rally.


·        Missing replay: lump sum time on the special.


·        Failure to send all files (html, 7z and replays): 2 cases:


-      The driver does not drive during the week where it is supposed to send its files: getting abandonment on the rally > DNF > Orange > not account blocking

-      The driver rolls (a single test) during the week where it is supposed to send its files: getting abandonment on the rally > DNF > Orange > blocking of his account during 1 week.



RALLYESIM information


The blocking of account due to a failure of the files is independent of the blocking of account due to the sanctions cited paragraph 10.4 was. It has direct effect of empowering drivers to limit controls.

Remember to lighten your replay folder. Can result in the loss of some records.



10.3 - Sanctions

Any breach of the regulations will be punished by various levels of sanctions represented by color codes, and explained in a setting reserved for this purpose on the page "driver profile. It will find all information about its history of mistakes during the season. All rallies on which each driver will have suffered a control will be marked. The level of penalty will change from Green to Red. It can in extreme cases, go to the Black. This color code displayed in the rankings, but during the session on the scalable of a rally standings page also. The Black being the sanction of the highest level, synonymous with end of formal sessions for the remainder of the season. This color should no longer appear in official sessions since the pilot account is blocked.


10.4 has - Levels of sanctions & sanctions



Level 0 : Not sanctions (sanctions may not have cardboard attached, but only the penalties on the controlled rally time.)


·                   Cup light (10 seconds per cup).

·                   Lack of HTML files or 7z (penalty 10 seconds for missing HTML* / penalty 20 seconds for 7z missing )*).


*A penalty for HTML and/or missing 7z is automatically applied to the last special of the rally concerned.


Level 1


·                   Replays files missing in the 50% limit (abandonment on the Special layout missing )).

·                   Car settings invalid to the extent of 50% (abandonment on the special formatting invalidated )).

·                   Multiple and voluntary cuts (time lump on the special beyond 3 cups on this same special).


  Level 2


·                 Replays files missing over 50% (implementation abandonment > DNF )).

·                 Car settings invalid beyond 50% (implementation abandonment > DNF )).

·                 Outrageous cuts turns (1 single cup considered outrageous can lead to this level of sanction).



  Level 3


·                   Accumulation of several consecutive penalties (account blocked on Sunday following the finding of facts and this week > Blocked account )).


Level 4 : If the pilot demonstrated ill will due to one or more of the previous penalties, then his driver account will be blocked for the remainder of the season. Other associated accounts as the public account (access to public sessions) can also be blocked. This penalty up to and including the unresponsiveness of the computer for any relationship with Rallyesim.


The sanctions are cumulative throughout the season

The culmination of the sanctions lead to blocking of drivers accounts levels



RALLYESIM information


·        In the event that a driver know before be controlled that one or more of its files are missing, it can prevent an administrator or moderator Championship which will take note of apology. The abusive repetition of this fault will be penalized. This announcement must be made on the the rally on the forum topic during the week of this rally. Beyond 3 ads for omissions, this apology will be more accepted, and the regulation will be applied in case of control.

·        "contre-sanctions" are planned. That is, the level of punishment will be recalculated for the benefit of the driver if it's evidence of taking into consideration the allegations previously.

·        If facts are repeated, the penalty levels originally planned will be doubled.



·                       1era convening in the control > the driver sends no replays > = 2 level of sanction regulation >

·                       2nd convocation in the control > the driver always sends no replays > 2 additional levels of sanction >  +  =  (account 1 week block)


The sanctions remain at the discretion of the team of Auditors





Some competitions take place in the form of Cup (Hill climb cup & Cup of France rally asphalt). By definition, a gives rise to a final cut. This finish is accessible if drivers manage to qualify according to the selection criteria imposed by the specific regulation.




From the beginning of the season, a team of Commissioners is set up, conducting audits according to race.

Everyone is free to request its integration to this team.


A Commissioner's race is not decision-making.

He gives his opinion, and relies on administrators for decision making.


The Commissioners are also checked on the work.

If they provide no adequate analysis, they will be sanctioned and excluded from the team of Auditors.


Each driver is free to request control of another driver, if he thinks this justified control.




13.1 - Presentation of the 2013 Championship 


After 5 years of existence of the stable RALLYESIM Championship, and at the growing number of stables (about 30% additional stables creation per year) a desired evolution of the Championship was

become necessary.

With 84 teams in the race to end 2012, on a current 11-month season, we continue forever

more motivation and dynamism of all the stables and drivers of all levels on all of the current period of the Championship formula of Leagues.

For the second consecutive year, the championship team RALLYESIM continues on this principle of the Leagues with the success and the suspense resulting. The composition of the Leagues will be based on the results of the season 2012 as follows:


·        League 1: 10 The Race + the 10 teams qualifying League1 2012 teams

·        League 2: the 10 following League1 + 10 first qualifying League2 2012 teams

·        League 3: the 10 League 2 following + teams have Qualif League3 2012


13.2 - General course


·        70% of each Championship Rally will be offered throughout the season, at a rate of 4 per week most weeks, thus limiting to choose rally with little involvement or little interest, and a guarantee to return a maximum of points stable inflow of drivers by default. Rally Team are represented as follows in the general calendar :


13.2 a - Qualifying phase


·        The 1era period of the Championship will start as usually (early season 1era January 10) but will stop Sunday, August 31, 2013


·        'STABLE' rankings will be differentiated between the different Leagues. Even if the drivers of each League will continue to compete together on common rally, class points, group assignments, etc..will be charged separate type Stable League1, Stable League2 and Stable League3 'stable' leaderboards.

There will be as many winners, 2nd, 3rd, etc.class, group, etc.number of leagues.


·        The assignment of a title of Champion Rallyesim League2 and Champion Rallyesim League3 will be effective on that date (Sunday 31 August 2013).


13.2 b - Final

ATTENTION : A week of interruption of the 'STABLE' rankings will be observed from Sunday September 1rst, 2013


All points gained in the 'Stable' rankings are reset to zero!


·        10 Best League1 teams will automatically qualify for the future season League1 and will be consolidated in a new championship called "The RACE" which will start from the Monday, 09 September 2013until the end of the current season. The title Champion Stable Rallyesim 2013 will be awarded to the winner.


·        The 10 poorer teams League1 and 10 best League2 teams will be grouped in a new championship called PlayOff League1, which will begin from the Monday, 09 September 2013 until the end of the current season. The top 10 teams in this Championship will be integrated to the League 1 of the following year. The other 10 will join League 2 for the next


·        10 Poorer League2 teams and 10 best League3 teams will be grouped in a new called PlayOff League2 Championship which will start from the Monday, 09 September 2013

 until the end of the current season. The top 10 teams in this Championship will be integrated in the following     year League2. The other 10 will join for the following season League3


·        The teams beyond the 10th place of League3 will have no end of season objective (Holidays League), and will be again in League3 the following year.



·        'STABLE' rankings will be differentiated between the Super League Champion Stable Rallyesim and the PlayOff. Even if the drivers will continue to compete together on common rally, class points, group assignments, etc.. will be posted to 'stable' leaderboards separated type Stable Super League Champion Rallyesim, Stable PlayOff League1 and Stable PlayOff League2. There will be as many winner, 2nd, 3rd, etc.class, group, etc.number of ratings Stables.


13.3 - Organisation of the stables


Head of the stables > Fra81


So a team can integrate the division 1 or 2, in addition to fulfilling the selection criteria (see below and in paragraph 13.1), it will take everything concerning registration of the team and drivers its constituent to be deposited in the appropriate before 06/01/2013 forum.


·        Any request about the stables staff should be addressed on the subject dedicated to the stables (application integration by a driver, confirmation of integration by its manager, application for dismissal, resignation desire... etc.)

Each application must be accompanied by names and numbers exact drivers as well as the exact name of the team.

A stable includes 10 maximum drivers who ride in order to accumulate points in a ranking of team.


·        Each driver is free to ride with the cars of his choice, and to report points according to the groups and classes of its cars.


·        Each driver will have 2 possibilities of belonging to stables throughout the season. If he left a stable for the second time, it cannot incorporate a third.



The requirements for the creation of a stable are the following :


·        One manager (it may appoint a Co-manager who will have the same status and rights).

The manager and co-manager designated are necessarily stable drivers.


·        5 minimum drivers, manager and co-manager understood, except League1 stable (see below)

·        Limitation of "Turn-over": 14 maximum pilots, teams, will take part on the current season. Same driver that integrates team twice during the season, with 2 pilots to.


·        6 minimum drivers of the team from the previous season, will have to be renewed, for a team in league 1.


·        5 minimum drivers of the team from the previous season, will have to be renewed, for a team in league 2.


·        These criteria will be imperative for the continuation of a stable that existed in 2012

(The name of the team being authentic).

·        New stable will be automatically integrated into the League3.


·        A banner of a size of 500 x 100 pixels.


·        Each team will have a service Park in the forum dedicated to the Championships as the design requirements will be fulfilled.

Any integration will take place as soon as possible after receipt of the requested items, and will be notified on the service Park by a specific message. As long as this message is not released, the driver will not points for the new team account.


13.4 - Role of manager


·        Manager, team spokesman is the single point of contact of the Rallyesim administration. He informed the different possible between the Administration and its drivers.


·        It is owner of his team, as well as the ranking acquired during the previous season. Only, can engage his team the following season in the league or it has been described as.


·        He and he alone who will be able to validate the integration of a new driver. In the event of sanctions relating to audits, he debated with the offending driver.


·        Manager debate rally stables with its pilot schedules, ensuring that they check off each week.

13.5 Organization of pilots


·        The number of rallies by driver for the team classification will be limited to 1 per week. Drivers cash for the team classification will be also limited to 3 drivers per rally. The drivers must agree to divide the possibilities of gains points on an average of 4 selectable rallies a week, these rallies being more selectable once they are started, Monday 12: 01 each week for rallies this week.


·        If the pilot quota is exceeded on a rally, only the best 3 results will be retained. The following drivers will count for their personal rankings, but not for their team. It will be impossible to make an another "Rally Team" as a replacement. It will be also impossible to modify a rally that the pilot wanted to select for his team, but for which he will have forgotten the selection beforehand.


13.5 a- Dismissals


·        The manager will be able to dismiss one of its drivers.

13.5 b- Resignation


·        Any driver is free.

13.5c- Acquired points


·        Points acquired by a pilot within a stable, will be whatever it is kept within this stable. Whether licensed or who has resigned, points will remain in the stable of membership at the time of the rally.






The administration takes home the possibility of amending this regulation, as well as the specific regulations of one or other of the Championships if an article was inapplicable, or inappropriate to RALLYESIM Championships. Necessary ads will be then published to notify all of the drivers without giving them the right to challenge the content (s).

A page is dedicated to these possible changes.



Access to the specific regulations